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    2. August 2017

    Ausschreibung Projekt-/Abschlussarbeit: Nomadische Kulturen an der Universität Siegen

    Ausschreibung Projekt-/Abschlussarbeit: Nomadische Kulturen an der Universität Siegen

    Keywords: Nomadicity, Commuting, Academia, Institutional Frames, Nomadic Culture, Qualitative Research, Ethnographically-informed Study

    In the past few years we have been witnessing an increase in nomadic practices among knowledge workers like academics. Whilst nomadicity in academic settings dates from the beginning of the profession, the advent and popularisation of modern digital computer technologies – e.g. mobile computers, smartphones and cloud computing – have contributed to facilitating nomadicity. Organisational support, flexible arrangements of work and the promise of making the most of both the work and non-work dimensions of life have also served as motivation for people moving towards a more nomadic approach to their work assignments. This has, in turn, led to the development of nomadic cultures to accommodate such approaches. The University of Siegen can be seen as an emblematic example of an organization where such a culture has been established to support the considerable amount of staff and students living in different cities to accomplish work from different locations. The members of this culture draw heavily on digital computing technologies for collaborating with their relevant partners and on commuting for attending collocated work sessions.

    We are looking for students with great interest in the matter to carry out qualitative research studies at a Bachelor or a Master level on the role of commuting and institutional frames on the nomadic cultures at the University of Siegen. Potential research topics include, but are not limited to, the existing support and hindrances within this community in regard to distributed collaboration at the organizational, infrastructural and social level; self-organization practices for successful collaboration with people located in different places; and the heterogeneous expectations and behaviours in different circumstances of work and non-work dimensions of people’s lives. Students are expected to engage in in-depth qualitative studies carried out through an ethnographically-informed approach. As such, they are expected to engage in data collection activities involving semi-structured interviews, participant observation and/or shadowing as well as in inductive data analysis approaches. Studies can be carried out in either German or English.

    Tasks and objectives will be adapted to the type of qualification work (Projekt- oder Abschlussarbeit) and the student(s).

    Contact Persons:
    Dr. Fabiano Pinatti (fabiano.pinatti@uni-siegen.de)
    Dr. Matthias Korn (matthias.korn@uni-siegen.de)

    Course of Study (Bachelor or Master): Wirtschaftsinformatik, Human-Computer-Interaction, Medien und Gesellschaft mit Schwerpunkt Sozioinformatik or related courses of study.

    Begin: immediate (continuous offer)

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