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    Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning at the Workplace – CSCL@Work

    Edited by Goggins, Sean P.; Jahnke, Isa; Wulf, Volker (Eds.)
    Springer 2013
    ISBN 978-1-4614-1740-8
    Buch beim Verlag

    Sharing Expertise – Beyond Knowledge Management

    Edited by Mark Ackerman, Volkmar Pipek and Volker Wulf
    MIT-Press, Cambridge MA 2003
    ISBN 0-262-01195-6
    Buch beim Verlag

    Social Capital and Information Technology

    Edited by Marleen Huysman and Volker Wulf
    MIT-Press, Cambridge MA 2004
    ISBN 0-262-08331-0

    Buch beim Verlag

    End-User Development

    Edited by Henry Lieberman, Fabio Paternò, Volker Wulf
    Springer Dordrecht 2005
    ISBN: 1-4020-4220-5

    Buch beim Verlag

    End-User Development – 2nd International Symposium, IS-EUD 2009, Siegen, Germany, March 2-4, 2009, Proceedings

    Edited by Volkmar Pipek, Mary Beth Rosson, Boris de Ruyter and Volker Wulf
    Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg/New York 2009
    ISBN: 978-3-642-00425-4

    Buch beim Verlag