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    Regional Network Digital Media

    Digital Media in the region Siegen-Wittgenstein / Olpe – kooperative networking supported by consulting and training

    Duration: 2005-2006

    Sponsorship: Regionalsekretariat Siegen-Wittgenstein / Olpe, ESF-Landesprogramme

    Contact person: Dr. Markus Rohde


    Aim of the project is to support the regional digital media industry by

    • building a network of regional digital media companies,
    • reinforcement of single companies,
    • establishing the regional network as a platform for all regional companies working in the area of digital media,
    • establishing the regional network as a national service and competence center for digital media industries.

    Furthermore, the project aims to support the qualification of employees of the participating companies and to foster the cooperation of the University with regional software and media industries.

    Following measures are accompanying the project:

    • Providing a one-term practical lab course in university study of information systems every year in cooperation with regional ICT- and media-companies,
    • Participation in regional talks on media informatics, in informal round tables regarding the „Future of Media Industries“, bilateral talks of software developers and users, and in the regular „Lyz Media Breakfast“
    • Planning of a „Media Design and Experience Lab“