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    Dipl.-Wirt. Inform. Julian Dax


    Former colleague


    Julian Dax studied Information Systems at the University of Siegen and the Linnéuniversitetet Växjö. His research interests lie in End-User-Development and the intersection of usability and security. During his studies he worked in the S-Mobil-100 and Koordinator projects. 2014 he completed his diploma thesis, “A framework for event-contingent self-report-studies”. Currently he works as a research assistant in the computer supported cooperative work group at the institute for information systems.



    Volkmar Pipek, Michael Spahn, Julian Dax, Fahri Yetim (2018) Enabling Users of Enterprise Systems to Mash Up Resources and Develop Widgets, Socio-Informatics - A Practice-based Perspective on the Design and Use of IT Artefacts, Volker Wulf, Volkmar Pipek, David Randall, Markus Rohde, Kjeld Schmidt, Gunnar Stevens (ed.), p. 421-444, Oxford University Press, pdf


    Thomas Ludwig, Julian Dax, Volkmar Pipek, David Randall (2016) Work or Leisure? Designing a User-Centered Approach for Researching Activity ‘in the Wild’, Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC), Springer

    Julian Dax, Thomas Ludwig, Volkmar Pipek (2016) Remotino: Supporting End-User Developers in Prototyping Embedded Devices, Workshop Proceedings of International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2016), pdf

    Julian Dax, J. Hamburg, B. Kreusch, Benedikt Ley, Sebastian Pape, Volkmar Pipek, Kai Rannenberg, Christopher Schmitz, F. Terhaag (2016) Sichere Informationsinfrastrukturen für kleine und mittlere Energieversorger, Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik, Research-in-Progress, p. 59-65, pdf

    Julian Dax, Benedikt Ley, Sebastian Pape, Christopher Schmitz, Volkmar Pipek, Kai Rannenberg (2016) Elicitation of Requirements for an inter-organizational Platform to Support Security Management Decisions, 10th International Symposium on Human Aspects of Information Security & Assurance, {HAISA}


    Johanna Meurer, Julian Dax, Martin Stein, Thomas Ludwig, Volker Wulf (2015) Bridging Location-based Data with Mobile Practices, MOBILITY 2015, p. 22

    Julian Dax, Thomas Ludwig, Johanna Meurer, Volkmar Pipek, Martin Stein, Gunnar Stevens (2015) FRAMES - A Framework for Adaptable Mobile Event-Contingent Self-report Studies, End-User Development - 5th International Symposium, IS-EUD 2015, Madrid, Spain, May 26-29, 2015. Proceedings 9083, Paloma D\'\iaz, Volkmar Pipek, Carmelo Ardito, Carlos Jensen, Ignacio Aedo, Alexander Boden (ed.), p. 141-155, Springer, url, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-18425-8_10

    Julian Dax, Thomas Ludwig, Oliver Stickel, Simon Scholl (2015) Die richtige Frage zur richtigen Zeit: Ereignisbedingte Fragebogen-Studien mittels und über Smartphone-Apps, Mensch & Computer: Workshopband, Anette Weisbecker, Michael Burmester, Albrecht Schmidt (ed.), p. 713-720, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, url