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    ARTOS – Articulation Work in Offshoring Projects of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Sofware Branch

    Duration: 2008-2010

    Sponsorship: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

    Contact person: Alexander Boden M.A.

    The acronym ARTOS stands for Articulation work in Offshoring Projects of Small and Medium- sized Enterprises of the Software Branch. The project’s research aim was to fathom practices that aid small- and medium sized enterprises (SME) with flexibly implementing distributed software development projects.

    For this purpose, and within the scope of a business ethnography, explorative case studies were conducted in several German SME. The findings derived from these empirical analyses were not only be used to postulate scientific theories but were also reflected back on to the practitioners in the form of mutual learning processes.

    ARTOS was a research project within the research group Information systems and new media of the University of Siegen and was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

    More information on www.artos.uni-siegen.de



    Operational and Strategic Learning in Global Software Development - Implications from two Offshoring Case Studies in Small Enterprises

    Boden, Alexander; Nett, Bernhard; Wulf, Volker

    IEEE Software, pp. 1–15, 2009, ISSN: 0740-7459.

    (Abstract | Links)

    Knowledge Management in Distributed Software Development Teams - Does Culture Matter?

    Boden, Alexander; Avram, Gabriela; Bannon, Liam; Wulf, Volker

    2009 Fourth IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering, pp. 18–27, 2009.

    (Abstract | Links)

    Trust and social capital: Revisiting an offshoring failure story of a small German software company

    Boden, Alexander; Nett, Bernhard

    2009 Europaean Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW), (September), pp. 123–142, 2009.

    (Abstract | Links)

    Bridging Knowledge Distribution-The Role of Knowledge Brokers in Distributed Software Development Teams

    Boden, Alexander; Avram, Gabriela

    2009 ICSE Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software Engineering, CHASE 2009 (2009), pp. 8–11, 2009.

    (Abstract | Links)

    Business Ethnography als ethnografische Gestaltungsperspektive

    Nett, Bernhard; Boden, Alexander; Müller, Claudia

    Kultur-Forschung. Zum Profil einer volkskundlichen Kulturwissenschaft, pp. 111–131, Lit, Münster, 2009.

    Offshoring in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen der Softwareindustrie

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    Articulation work in small-scale offshore software development projects

    Boden, Alexander; Nett, Bernhard; Wulf, Volker

    Proceedings of the 2008 international workshop on Cooperative and human aspects of software engineering - CHASE '08, pp. 21–24, 2008, ISSN: 02705257.

    (Abstract | Links)


    Coordination Practices in Distributed Software Development of Small Enterprises

    Boden, Alexander; Nett, Bernhard; Wulf, Volker

    International Conference on Global Software Engineering(ICGSE 2007), (Icgse), pp. 235–246, 2007.

    (Abstract | Links)