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    Hussain Abid Syed

    Hussain Abid Syed

    Universität Siegen, BMBF-Arbeitsgruppe KontiKat

    Universität Siegen, Campus Unteres Schloss, Kohlbettstraße 17

    Mail: Hussain.Syed(at)uni-siegen.de

    Room: US-G 006

    Phone: +49 (0) 271/ 740 – 4410

    More information are only available in German. Please see:

    Hussain Abid Syed



    Infrastructuring for organizational resilience: Experiences and perspectives for business continuity

    Syed, Hussain Abid; Schorch, Marén; Ankenbauer, Sam Addison; Hassan, Sohaib; Meisner, Konrad; Stein, Martin; Skudelny, Sascha; Karasti, Helena; Pipek, Volkmar

    2021, ISSN: 2510-2591.

    (Abstract | Links)


    Doing CSCW research in small and medium enterprises: experiences, options and challenges

    Schorch, Marén; Seifert, Fabienne; Syed, Hussain A; Kotthaus, Christoph; Pipek, Volkmar

    2020, ISSN: 2510-2591, (Accepted: 2020-06-15T07:28:12Z Publisher: European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET)).

    (Abstract | Links)

    Disaster Learning Aid: A Chatbot Centric Approach for Improved Organizational Disaster Resilience

    Syed, Hussain A; Schorch, Marén; Pipek, Volkmar

    Learning from Experience, pp. 10, 2020.



    Sustainability in Crisis: Towards Business Continuity in Small and Medium Enterprises

    Syed, Hussain Abid

    Proceedings of 17th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work-Doctoral Colloquium, European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET), 2019.


    An Efficient and Simplest Algorithm for Intelligent Comments Generation of the Input Code that is in High Level Language

    Syed, Hussain Abid; Vine, Huma Ayub

    International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 3 (6), 2012.



    Using computer aided language software for teaching and self-learning

    Syed, Hussain Abid; Zehra, Samana; Iftikhar, Haseeb

    2011 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning, pp. 102–106, IEEE, 2011.