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    End-User Development of mobile Systemes (Telekom)

    Duration: 2004-2007

    Sponsorship: Deutsche Telekom (T-Labs Berlin)

    Contact person: Dr. Markus Rohde


    Since end of 2004 the Project “End User Development of Mobile Systems (EUD)” is funded by the German Telekom Laboratories in Berlin. The project is conducted at the Institute for Information Systems at the University of Siegen and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Information Technologies (FhG-FIT) in Sankt Augustin.

    Aim of this project is to analyze relevant context scenarios and design requirements for highly flexible mobile systems, devices, and services. Based on these scenarios and identified relevant context conditions, requirements for truly flexible mobile systems and services shall be defined and prototypes of adaptable systems shall be developed. With regard to truly flexible design of mobile systems, concepts of intelligent self-adaptability of the systems and the systems’ adaptation by end-user development (EUD) in sense of a “shared initiative” will be evaluated.


    98% of end-users of mobile systems (mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs) do not adapt their devices or services. Therefore, they don’t use a lot of the available features. This is due to the increasing complexity of mobile applications and to the raising number of providers and services.

    The Project EUD of mobile systems investigates and develops highly-adaptable mobile applications

    • which are easy-to-adapt by end-users and
    • which are context-sensitive and self-adaptable.

    The project focuses on sports- and fitness-related application scenarios.