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Dr. Rainer Wieching


Divisional Director Health and Prevention

Mail: rainer.wieching(at)uni-siegen.de

Room: US-E 118

Phone: +49 (0)271/ 740 – 3019

Office hours: On appointment


Dr. Rainer Wieching (MSc & PhD in Exercise Physiology, Project Manager)During the last 15 years of his professional career, he has headed a health care SME, being responsible for technical, medical & scientific aspects in global pharma marketing & medical education, especially concerning prescription drugs (cardio¬vascular, oncology), evidence based medicine (clinical trials, guidelines), and medical technology (ultrasound).

During his studies and PhD thesis, he has worked in the cardiopulmonary data laboratory of the physiology institute at DSHS Cologne and in the exercise testing laboratory of the clinic for pediatrics at a university hospital (RWTH Aachen), being responsible for exercise testing devices, bio-signal computing algorithms, data management and statistical analysis.

Additionally, he disposes of considerable working experience in system analysis, data modeling and programming of multi-process redundant software systems, gained during an 8 year assignment in a software engineering company.

He has successfully participated in IT/health related national research projects in Germany (BMBF) and has profound experiences in global health care market related aspects (pharma & medical technology).



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