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    SFB/FK 615: Media Upheavals


    Teilprojekt B10: End User Development of Software Applications – An Exemplary Analysis of a Media Technological Challenge?

    Duration: 2002-2008

    Sponsorship: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

    Contact person: Kai Schubert M.A. – Dipl.-Journ. Anne Weibert

    The personal computer, known as a universal tool machine, is characterized, in principle, by its unbound and flexible programmability. Yet, end users could not benefit from all the possibilities which come along with this universality of program manipulation, i.e. programming used to be the domain of professionals. What is needed is a meta-design which provides end users a viable approach to manipulating the software they are yet mainly consuming. Project B10 tries to come up with innovative design principles and research methods that allow both, a trans-disciplinary view on End User Development and Human Computer Interaction as well as the theoretical and practical development of an exemplary digital construction tool kit for end users. From a theoretical point of view, End User Development in B10 draws the attention empirically from mass media development (which is accompanied by a very strict division of production and consumption) to a rather community-driven development paradigm which is trying to overcome the gap between producing and consuming of community software.

    More information on www.fk615.uni-siegen.de