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    SocialImpacts of ICT

    Duration: 2008-2009

    Sponsorship: Europäische Kommission (Call for Tender, SMART 2007)

    Contact person: Dr. Markus Rohde

    Funded by the European Commission the SocialImpacts project investigates the social consequences of information and communication technology (ICT) in the EU member states. The focus of the project are the social implications of the use of digital media in the domains of education and lifelong learning, work, health, community and family, consumption, creation and distributed innovation as well as participation and policy-making in the EU states.

    The project is carried out in a research cooperation between the University of Siegen and the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford (UK), the Universities of Budapest (Hungary) and Twente (The Netherlands) as well as the Work Research Center in Dublin (Ireland) and the empirica Institute in Bonn (Germany).