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    Alumni Event 2019

    We are very happy to announce our annual alumni event on Friday, 12th of July 2019 in Siegen!

    It is a great pleasure to invite you, on behalf of all chairs named below, staff and current students at your alma mater, for this event.
    We are sure that you will certainly mark this day in your calendar to walk down the memory lanes and make it available to be with your adorable teachers, mentors and not the least, your bosom friends and colleagues.

    The event will take place at the Fab Lab (https://fablab-siegen.de/) in the city centre of Siegen. The Lab is an open creative workshop, in which the focus lies on the joint implementation of innovative projects using (digital) manufacturing methods.
    You will get to know more about the Lab and it‘s possibilities as well a chance to try youself in 3D printing.

    After you’ve explored the Fab Lab, you can have a cocktail and some good food with your former fellow students and lecturers, but also with the staff of the chairs and talk about current careers, new projects and future opportunities.

    The event starts at 5 p.m. and will last until 9 p.m. After that you will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful „Nacht der 1000 Lichter“ (http://www.sommerfestival.com/programm/2637-11-nacht-der-1000-lichter/).

    Please use the registration form below to register for the Alumni Event 2019.
    Information about accommodation in Siegen can be found at the bottom of this page.

    We are looking forward to seeing you!


    Fab Lab

    Brüder-Busch-Straße (pedestrian zone).
    House address:
    Herrengarten 2, 57072 Siegen

    Look here on Google Maps!  


    • Prof.  Dr. Volker Wulf, Chair of Business Information Systems and New Media
    • Prof.  Dr. Volkmar Pipek, Computer-Aided Group Work and Social Media
    • Jun.-Prof.in Dr. Claudia Müller, Junior Professorship IT for the Aging Society
    • Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stevens, Head of IT Security and Consumer Information Systems Division#
    • Jun-Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig, Junior Professorship for Cyber-Physical Systems



    Koblenzer Str. 114,
    57072 Siegen
    Telefon: 0271 33810
    Website: www.ihg.com

    H+ Hotel Siegen

    Kampenstraße 83, 57072 Siegen
    Telefon: 0271 50110
    Website: www.h-hotels.com

    Hotel Bürger

    Marienborner Str. 134, 57074 Siegen
    Telefon: 0271 31316590
    Website: www.hotel-buerger.de

    Hotel-Gasthof Meier

    St.-Johann-Straße 3, 57074 Siegen
    Telefon: 0271 250250


    Kathrin Hoffmann

    Universität Siegen

    E-Mail: kathrin.hoffmann@uni-siegen.de

    Tel.: 0271 740 5165