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    18. April 2023

    Ecological HCI – Project Work & Master Thesis

    We are supporting and supervising Project A, B or C, or research for master theses around issues of environmental management and conservation and the role digital technologies play in such contexts and practices. Ideally students come with their own topic ideas and research questions, addressing for example: the development of geographical information systems, decision-support systems for climate adaptation of managed landscapes or digital tools in biodiversity conservation as well as assessment and remuneration of ecosystem services. Suitable contexts are, for example, forestry, agriculture, conservation of landscapes and species.

    Otherwise students could work on the following projects:

    – Developing a GIS layer of historical mining sites in the Siegerland region as a means to assess dryness of a specific forest site and adapt forestry decisions accordingly.

    – Designing and deploying cultural probes as a means to study relations to regional forests impacted or destroyed by climate change.

    – Researching the role of AI in Biodiversity research and conservation

    If you’re interested, please contact:
    Felix Carros
    Maximilian Krüger